Sushi restaurant「Mitsuya」in Yokohama kannai

Welcome to "Sushi Mitsuya"

Please make a Reservation in advance.

Sushi restaurant Sushi Mitsuya, located 7minutes' walk from Yokohama Kannai station.
Our sushi uses only the finest fresh fish, brought in from Toyosu market each morning and served the same day.
Enjoy authentic Edo sushi, using exactingly prepared fish and rice flavored with red vinegar in the increasingly rare traditional style.
The menu we offer is based around the omakase (chef's choice) courses, using carefully selected ingredients to match the season.
Experience the work of a master craftsman, whose eyes, spirit
and technique have been honed over many years of training at renowned restaurants.

omakase (chef's choice) courses.

Because we want you to enjoy the the ingredients that we feel best complement the season,
the menu we offer is based around omakase (chef's choice) courses.

Course Menu

Omakase Course

From ¥25,000 (tax included)

※ The menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients. 12 pcs nigiri sushi and side dishes(appetizer, 8 pcs sashimi, clear soup, seasonal ingredients in broth, a vinegared dish, a simmered or grilled dish, 12 pcs nigiri sushi).









  • お通し
  • 白身
  • お造り
  • 鮮魚
  • 貝
  • 酢の物
  • 焼き物
  • お吸い物

Omakase Nigiri Course

20 pcs From ¥22,000 (tax included)

※ The menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients. We present 20 pieces of the day's recommended nigiri.

Drinks information

A range of drinks is available, each of them rare, valuable and popular among connoisseurs, including Juyondai sake and wines from KENZO ESTATE.

A range of drinks including beer, shochu, sake and wine are available. Please check at the restaurant for details.

Interior guide

9 counter seats. These seats, where you can appreciate the technique of the chef right before your eyes, are particularly recommended. Perfect for casual entertaining and dining. Aside from enjoying the sushi, the great benefit of a counter-style restaurant is to enjoy a conversation with the chef as you eat.

Restaurant Information

Sushi Mitsuya
B1 Yokohama ExcellentⅢ, 3-35 Minaminakadori, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 231-0006
045-651-0550(Reception time 14:00~)
※ Please inform us that you saw our website when you book. ※ For bookings and inquiries by telephone, please call outside the restaurant opening hours. The owner operates the restaurant alone, so we appreciate your understanding.
Opening hours
(Monday to Saturday)17:00 to 22:00
※Last entry 21:00
※Reservation required
Irregular holidays
※Please make a reservation by the day before.
Credit cards accepted
Counter seats
All seats are non-smoking (iQOS, etc. permitted)